The Paths Of Dread (or The Candle In The Dark)

Madame Eva's Telling

Strahd: You will find him on his throne. There is a good influence here that will guide your blows. There is no reason, there is no pattern to this chaos. The darkness seeks light, desiring fulfillment or perhaps destruction.

Sword: Seek it where paths crossed and the damned lie buried. To wake it, bring the sword to join the ancient lore of the castle. The castle’s library is a place of wisdom, warmth, and despair.

Symbol: Seek it in the place of death, among the dead. It is a card of the grave. The symbol is buried or entombed. You must bring the symbol to the place where the officers of the king upheld his word. Look beneath the main floor of the castle, in a place of shadow and despair.

Tome: The tome lies on the throne of the ancient king. You must find the three holy relics hidden deep beneath the castle, then bring the relics to the three defiled places described within the tomb. You must consecrate each fane anew with the relic of its proper saint.



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