The Paths Of Dread (or The Candle In The Dark)

Directions on Map

0) Entrance
1) West
2) South East
3) North
4) South West
5) East
6) North West
7) South
8) North East
9) Death


Ash explains after he returns from his “errand”…

“My comment about this demon’s ability to manipulate what we perceive was partly because these directions make little sense from the start…

I have been trying to figure out what those numbers are all about.

There are four cardinal directions, right?
Then there are also four inter-cardinal directions, those ones halfway between.

If these were simply directions,
assuming you went the same distance each time,
you would just end up were you started;
every one of those eight directions are listed once.

I think it is like they were lost in the woods…
she was keeping track of what directions they walked in because they would just get disoriented if they didn’t.

…But if they were this aware of their directions, then they KNEW they were constantly doubling back on themselves.

It implies that they acknowledged it was an illusion to begin with, some kind of space that mirrored itself with only eight ways to go…

Yet… when did they have the time to write “death”? "

Directions on Map

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