The Paths Of Dread (or The Candle In The Dark)

Knight of the Raven

Was digging up more Ravenloft stuff for 3.5.

Here is the PDF I am using: LINK

There is the Knight of the Raven Prestige class on page 200?


Base Attack Bonus: +4

Alignment: Any good.

Spellcasting: Ability to cast 1st-level divine spells.

Special: Must meet an existing knight on friendly terms and then spend an overnight prayer vigil in the chapel of Ravenloft.

HD: D8

Skill: 2 + Int

BAB: Full (+1 per level)

Good Saves: Fort and Will

Spellcasting: +1 Divine Spellcasting lvl every level after 1st.


All sorts of anti-undead stuff, offensive and defensive…

And an endless supply of Raven minions to annoy your enemies!


Kind of like a Paladin of Ravenloft itself…
if that makes any sense?



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