The Paths Of Dread (or The Candle In The Dark)

Dear Reverend Gungrave

I have encountered an ally in the man named Clint Harland. He too seeks the resolution of these crimes. Him and I have conducted research on the Spider Queen and found that she is the estranged lover of Corralon Lorethian, God of Elvenkind. She was cursed by Corralon and banished to the Demon Web Pit, and all her elves became the drow we know today, forced to live underground to avoid the light. It is our belief that the danger posed by the Grinning Tombstone will not cease until the faith in the Spider Queen is disrupted or abolished. We are going to travel by carriage to Castle Ravenloft in hopes of acquiring the Count’s insight on how to proceed. We will be back within two days.


P.S. Should Markus Smith, the unslave human, come looking for me, please inform him of my whereabouts. He can also lead you to my grove, should it be necessary.


(Should Harrison share with Ash)

That fool…
Without our full force,
how can we assault their current foxhole?

As loath as I am to admit it,
his control over the plants is of Druidic caliber…

Don’t EVER tell him I said that.

~Ash Hill to Harrison Gungrave

Dear Reverend Gungrave

plus 25 EXP to Ash.

Dear Reverend Gungrave

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