The Paths Of Dread (or The Candle In The Dark)


This is an ongoing record of the allies we have made in Ravenloft.

I will list in chronological order,
and attempt to identify the relationship basis.

Attitude may be deemed OOC knowledge,
unless the DM decides to reveal that information,
at which point I will add it to the listings.


Neutral: They acknowledge us, but show no direct affiliation.

Associate: They associate with us openly, but on a mainly “professional” basis.

Ally: They publicly support us and may take actions to aid us.

Friend: They closely identify with us and share an emotional bond.

>Miss Belladonna
Party: Ally
(Growing Nightshade)

>Burgeonmaster of Barovia
Party: Associate
Miss Belladonna: Ally
(Established Spider Silk trade)

>Church of the Morning Lord
Party: Associate
Reverend Gungrave: Friend
Silus Witchcrest: Ally.

>Druidic Council of Barovia
Party: Neutral
Silus Witchcrest: Ally

>Adrian the Outcast
Party: Neutral?
Ash Hill: Associate
Reverend Gungrave: Ally
Sue: Associate

>Seran, Tanner of Barovia
Ash Hill: Associate
“Sue”: Ally
(Has trade with Adrian and Samuel for materials)

>Adenodhel, River Guide
Party: Ally

>Lilith, Guardian of the River (Deceased)
Party: Ally
Ash Hill: Friend
Silus Witchcrest: Ally -Rep! (Boo!)

>Samuel, The Slaver
Party: Neutral
Harrison Gungrave: Associate
(Trades Spider Silk with Seran)

>Miranee, Halfling River-Gypsy
Party: Associate?

>The River Vistani(?)
Party: Neutral? -Rep

>Reforming Drow Cultist

>-Reforming Forrester-

Party: Associate…?

Party: ???
Harrison Gungrave: Neutral -Rep (Sworn Enemy?)
Ash Hill: Associate
Silus Witchcrest: Associate +Rep

>Barovian Coven of Witches
Party: Associates +Rep!
Mrs. Belladonna: Associate +Rep! (Possible Initiate?)

PLEASE help me continue to develop this…
it may become important!!!


Should we list the Snakebone Tribe? They seem to be good hosts, at the very least, and may see fit to offer shelter.


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