Welcome to the Realms of Dread. in these lands, mist constantly seeps into towns and cities, pools in thick banks of fog in the wilderness, and blocks out sight at the borders of countries. here, the people are insular, ignorant, and wary - some would say paranoid -, and every sound goes bump in the night. in the cold, dark reaches of the dungeons, wilds, and even hearts of these lands, there are foul tragedies, treacherous betrayals, perverse violations of nature, and unspeakable evil. temptation and horror co-mingle and collide in a dizzying dance of sin and depravity, while Justice far too often means death or sacrifice. yet in this dark and depressing world, clinging to Hope is necessary for survival.

would you be Heroes, protecting the innocent and the righteous from the ravages of evil? or would you succumb to villainy, cowardice, hubris, or horror? you must decide which road you walk. but be careful, for every road is winding, dangerous, and ultimately the paths are obscured. you walk blindly, with Faith your only guide.

what do you put your Faith in?

leviticusblue: I worship members of the Hindu pantheon since they’re the most like D&D gods.

I need to find out how you guys got access to the Front Page admin controls… in other news, that’s interesting. I worship Hindu gods cause that’s how I was raised.



why the hell can’t I set the preferences so you guys can’t edit the front page?

The Matrix has you;
Free your mind…

DM: everyone, here is an awesome Character Sheet I found. easily my favourite for printing out. it is only a front page, bu the only things it does not include are Equipment and Spells. those are easily listed, however, either using the back of the page, or by printing a sheet for each or both of those separately.


The Paths Of Dread (or The Candle In The Dark)

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