The Paths Of Dread (or The Candle In The Dark)

Tale of Ravens and Blood

>>> Ash ICly recapping what he recalls<<<

The short redheaded farm-boy takes a deep breath and sighs,
collecting his thoughts…

“So… how about we tell it as a story,
if only to get what little sense
that we can glean from the riddle?”

Ash sits down on the cold cobblestone floor,
next to The Morning Lord’s altar…

“In ages long past, many faiths joined forces to oppose
the darkness of this land. They rallied themselves under
the sign of the Raven, knights that sought out and
combated corruption and evil.”

He pauses, trying to choose the words carefully…

“Of these knights, Strad and his brother were party to,
joining them in their “holy” campaign…

During this time, his brother became betrothed to Julia(?),
of whom, we can only assume, Strad also held feelings for."

A look of confusion briefly crosses the dark bard’s speckled face
for a moment as he says this, but he continues…

“Sometime afterwards, the brother was killed
“because of their mad quest”…
whether by Strad’s own hand, or some others, is unclear…

But this seems to have worn on Strad’s heart,
which had already become jaded by the endless war they waged."

Ash bows his head for a moment, hiding his face…

“He concluded that the Knights were at fault,
renounced his faith and acted toward their demise…
somehow prolonging his life in the process.”

The boy suddenly looks up at Harrison Gungrave,
holding him in his smoldering eyes.

“Skip ahead to your childhood…
you witnessed some dark form robbing the
Burgeonmaster’s Grandsire’s corpse, desecrating the grave
even as it had been blessed by The Morning lord…”

Harrison pipes in “I was actually 25 at the time.”

The bard shifts his gaze across the party;

“Now, of the last month, not only was my commune destroyed
by the Grinning Tombstones,
a cult from this land I soon found myself in,
but they knew my Elder…

and Strad already knew of what transpired…"

Ash shakes his head, glaring at the ground angrily…

“Not only does these things imply an unwholesome connection,
but the timing here is all off…

That Castle, built as a staging point
in a long-past War of the Raven,
from which Strad holds dominion and has seemingly lived
for as long as people care to remember…"

“How is it his brother was betrothed to someone
that is scantly older than ourselves?”


PLEASE help edit or add onto this as you see fit!

I just wanted to record what I could recall
so I didn’t feel so much pressure to remember it all!


this is very well done! I’m smiling my usual mischievous and devious smile right now. =w=

Tale of Ravens and Blood

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