The Paths Of Dread (or The Candle In The Dark)

Jewels in the Tiger's Eyes

A Poem by Anonymous

When hearth and home thou doth keep
To take, men of beasts doth seek.
If wealth and love thou doth aquire
The crooked hand will know desire.
Should thou gain prestige and fame
An evil maw soon shall claim.
Even when thou hath stake to none
The Rakshasa will take thine son.


yes, that seems like the perfect poem for you to have heard growing up in Oerth. +15 EXP.

Jewels in the Tiger's Eyes

Err… that wasn’t me… >..>;

Beautiful work though!


“I would not ask of you,
what I would not ask of myself.”

Figured a hard copy should exist of that.

Jewels in the Tiger's Eyes


Jewels in the Tiger's Eyes

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