The Paths Of Dread (or The Candle In The Dark)

Deal With The Devil

interrupted by a Rakshasa, our intrepid heroes found themselves separated into two groups. Ash and Silus, once at odds with eachother over differences in Tradition of the same Faith, were forced to work together alongside only eachother in a mysterious otherworld. meanwhile, the creator of that world and architect of the Druids’ kidnapping approached Rev. Gungrave and his cursed allies to petition for their aid in procurring a magical gem from the lair of the Naga, Lilith. however, they were unwilling to betray their friend, Lilith, or to negotiate with Fiends.

with a warning threat to the indignant champions that their friends, Ash and Silus, are living on borrowed time, the Rakshasa (named Ravishana) retreated…. for now. they went to inform Lilith of the Fiend’s plans and to seek her help in defeating him. the Naga allowed them to travel to her underwater lair with her magic, and gave them blessed amunition with which to battle the Rakshasa.

outraged by the heroes’ utter defiance, Ravishana attacked Rev. Harrison, hoping to slay him and cow the others. but with help from his friends, the Rev. scored a fatal smite to the Rakshasa, sending him back to his Otherworld.

meanwhile, Ash and Silus engaged a Garuda who attacked them rather than give them directions. after scaring the creature off, the two began to brave the mountain trail leading up to a seemingly abandoned temple, which was home to only a large venomous snake. the Serpent was wary of them at first, but working together, Ash and Silus managed to assuage the snake’s fears and gain it’s trust.

after a thorough investigation of the monastery, the pair learned of their predicament, and the creator of the world, as well as gave peace to the Ghost of the lone Monk who used to live here. they afterwards spoke with Ravishana, who was sent back to this world earier.

Ravishana tried to convince his “esteemed guests” to serve his purposes the way their friends did not. but they deflected any promises to bring him the jewel he sought. however, the Rakshasa managed to close an agreement of partnership.

reunited with their friends, Ash and Silus found themselves in the Druid Grove, where Rev. Gungrave and the rest were planning to deal with an evil juju box discovered at the site of the Rakshasa meeting earlier.


Note: Silus is legitimately willing to help Ravishana with his task.

Deal With The Devil

Note; Ash traded knowledge of the Ancient Melody for “loyalty”.

For those unaware; Ancient Melody is actually an existing spell renamed to suit my character’s background;—83/peaceful-serenity-of-io—3075/

This also established a method of sharing the knowledge of the obscure divine spell with others,
as it is a Bard 2, Cleric 2 and Druid 2 spell…

Technically both Arcane and Divine, due to Bardic access?

Deal With The Devil

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